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Is Data important for the future of EVs?

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Seems like Yes. GM is at least moving with various ways to use data on a large scale for the Ultium battery pack to come to a standard of safety and performance with data from other processes, test stations, manufacturing, etc.

A considerable amount of data is used for an end-to-end process by the GM engineers for data ingestion. Aggregation, contextualization, engineering, processing, and tagging.

To achieve its target, GM uses a data platform Ni SystemLinkTM software, i.e. a web-based, cloud computing toolset.

As per Ciro Spigno, Group Manager, Battery Systems and Analytics, GM,

“With NI’s SystemLink™ software, we can deliver our test data to all engineers in a secure and easy way to enable them to view their data and save templates for follow-up tests— all in near real-time”.

The data platform must be:-

  • Secure to protect the insights of GM’s battery cell engineering through access control, authentication, and encryption capabilities.
  • Scalable to save thousands of hours of manual work by automating the end-to-end process from data ingestion to making it available on-demand; this would preserve the flexibility and independence for GM engineering needs.
  • Open to ensuring sustainability, compliance, and compatibility with GM’s IT infrastructure so that GM engineers can use open-source tools, different databases, and programming languages and define the dashboards and customization they need to analyze automotive data and generate insights.
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