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Are EVs with AWD coping with the big winter?

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As per reports by efahrer, EVs such as KIA EV6, Tesla Model 3, Volvo Offshoot Polestar 2, and BMW I4 M50 are some of the time-tested winners in the game of big winter.

KIA EV6 AWD:-  The 325-horsepower KIA EV6 AWD can revert to a special “snow mode” in the winter; however, this mode is only useful in the beginning. due to the reduced power transfer, which is less practical over long distances. Despite having the lowest performance of any system, the Korean has the highest total tractive force. With 19 percent, it also has significant ice and snow climbing capabilities. 

If the small assistants are turned off, you can take advantage of a hidden predisposition to oversteer, a “lively swinging rear, and the very sporty driving characteristics”.

Tesla Model 3:- A unique start-up option known as “slip-start” is also included with the Tesla Model 3 with maximum range. When the automobile starts, the wheels begin to spin nearly erratically. As soon as the vehicle is on the track, the electronics kick in and reliably stop the 4 drive wheels from sliding.

The Tesla responds superbly and is quite stable, especially on snow and ice. The testers concluded that the Paragon 3 “remains a model of driving steadiness even on ice and snow.” Although the Kia has much more horsepower, he must yield to it in terms of traction and gradeability (440) hp.

Volvooffshoot Polestar 2:- Due to its Nordic heritage, it handles the cold season pretty well. The Swede stops after just 25 meters from 50 km/h, much like the Tiguan does. But the hefty Polestar has already reached a gradeability of 17%. However, “it’s outstandingly harmonic handling” encourages the testers. Propulsion and braking may be controlled with extreme precision, and steering accuracy provides excellent feedback. The testers concluded that “the best handling time emphasizes the dynamic potential and the tremendous reserves that the 2 Series delivers.”

BMW I4 M50:- It performs admirably even in the cold and has the highest power (544 hp) of the whole test field. However, because of its tremendous performance and agility, it nearly appears uneasy to handle. The Polestar’s level of sovereignty is not attained by BMW. Bavaria likewise ends at grades of little more than 17 percent, just like the Swede. The traction is marginally better than the Swedish, though. The Polestar completes the handling course a tiny bit faster than the Munich driver. “Although the BMW is the undisputed king of driving pleasure, it ranks second in terms of lap time,” the testers conclude.

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