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Are home solar and EVs a perfect match?

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EVs and solars are in high demand to attain the demand for sustainability.

As per Mary Powell, CEO of Sunrun, “Home solar and EVs are the perfect match.” “ EV owners want to charge their vehicles with a more cost-effective, clean, reliable energy source. By combining Enel X Way’s EV charging expertise and Sunrun’s ability to right-size home solar systems, we’re helping prepare customers for a carbon-free energy future.”

A large US home solar energy provider, Sunrun, announced its partnership with several EV companies, Ford, GM, and Enel X Way, a subsidiary of the Enel Group and a charger manufacturer.

Enel X Way is a smart level 2 charging station. It is designed to work significantly with Sunrun’s home solar solutions with automated off-peak charging to deliver cost savings to EV owners. “The chargers will be sold as an optional add-on for bundling with a Sunrun home solar-plus-battery system”. chargedevs

As per Chris Baker, Head of Enel X Way North America, “With one-third of Enel X Way EV charger owners using solar to power their homes, there’s no denying the strong correlation between solar adopters and EV owners”. “This partnership marks a pivotal convergence between two adjacent industries.”

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