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What is the future of the electric vehicle in 2030?

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The present years are no doubt affected greatly by the pandemic. The production and also the purchasing scale have gone down. With lockdown on the rise, it is less likely to see roads with new futuristic vehicles. But what about the future of EVs?

Can we say the demand will grow by 2030 for electric vehicles?

As per a survey by the IHS Markit, the Asian region is expected to be rising with the production of electric vehicles.

EVs production in 2030.

The production is less in South America, the Middle East, or Africa.

A survey by JPMorgan Chase shows the global sales of electric vehicles in different segments. The forecast shows a rise in demand for sales.

The future forecast of the global sales of EVs.

The average range forecasted for electric vehicles in 2025 is 380Km and in 2030 is 440Km. The energy demand in 2030 is expected to be 207.99 MWh across the world. North America will be one of the nations with higher energy demand for electric vehicles. China will be the next.

Source:- Statista (Electric vehicles)

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