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Why good pole connection is necessary for conductivity measurement?

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The conductivity of a cell/block is very high. In general, the unit is in a few 100 or a few 1000 Siemens. The internal resistance is measured in the range of mΩ to μΩ. The lead resistances are although up to the test probes which are compensated by four-pole measurement often used in poor contact resistance between the test probes and the pole been still reflected to a certain extent in the measurement result.

The best possible repeatability is achieved by the test probes that are spring-mounted i.e. constant contact pressure. The contact is safe which is made on the soft pole materials and polished, non-corroded poles. The cells/blocks are with connectors in between and stainless steel screwed the poles as it is not suitable to lead poles due to the resulting small contact area.

Measured values which are comparable is important to use the contact area is found once again for each measurement. If the contact resistance can be measured from the pole to the connector, e.g. detecting a loose screw connection, simultaneously by measuring double per cell/block by selecting the test method “block+ connector” in the measuring device.

Source:- Elektrotechnik.vogel

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