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Why HEVs are beneficial for military applications?

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What do you think HEVs must be saving or helping the military application if they switch from tradition vehicle to electric vehicle? Cost of the fuel.

As per the survey reports, the transportation fuels on the battlefield. Or on site have often been seen as a risky adventure. Or risky routes. The over long distances raise the fuel cost significantly via road Or via airlift.  

Another goal is the reduction. Or the elimination of noise by the vehicles carrying the military applications. It helps in creating a better surrounding for the vehicle to navigate. Or travel across the battlefield with less amount of noise produced by such fuel-driven vehicles.

In my opinion, ones you focus on eliminating the cause. Or obstacles on the road to electric vehicle. You can actually see the benefits of such vehicles. And how it is helping in creating a pollution free environment.

Or leading a sustainable path for better navigation. And transportation facilities between cities. Or countries or also on the battlefield.

Source:- Hybrid Electric Vehicles (Principles and applications with practical perspectives) by Chris Mi, M. Abul Masrur and David Wenzhong Gao.

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