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What is the market scenario of the HOP electric?

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HOP electric is making the right buzz in every corner of India. One of the top 5 electric scooter companies to look forward to in the electric vehicle space.

The company is based in Jaipur, India. Ketan Mehta is the Founder and CEO of HOP electric mobility. The company was formed in June 2021. And in just 1 year of its time, the products, HOP LEO, and HOP LYF created a buzz with their availability in different categories- Basic, Standard, and Extended.

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The company is soon going to launch its new high-speed electric bike,  HOP OXO. So stay tuned. The company is also extending its branch across different states in India.

The top 4 competing electric scooters/bikes soon to enter the Indian market are:-

  1. Suzuki Burgman Street Electric.
  2. Ultraviolette F77
  3. Bajaj Electric Scooter
  4. Hero MotoCorp Electric Scooter

The E-Scooters/bikes are available with charging capability at home or swapping of the battery is possible but only in Jaipur.

The logo of the company, ride the bike at just 20 paise/km instead of any other petrol vehicles. The e-scooters cover 700 km for Rs100 whereas petrol scooters cover only 70 km for the same Rs.100.

Meet the futuristic vision,

As per Rajneesh Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, HOP Electric Mobility, β€œ Since inception, HOP Electric Mobility has been on a mission to provide high-octane electric vehicles to the modern-age riders. This is primarily driven by the fact that the transport sector has the highest reliance on fossil fuels. The sector also contributes a significant amount of CO2 emissions, which ultimately have drastic negative effects on the environment. Moreover, the prices of traditional fuel sources like petrol and diesel are burning a hole in the pocket of end-consumers. They are neither sustainable nor economical in the long run. Therefore it is needless to say that electric mobility is the most plausible solution for a clean, green, and healthy future.”

The HOP electric vehicle is running on a Lithium-ion battery with batteries placed under the seat and it is removable. The charging time is 2 hours 45 minutes for (0-80%) and 3 hours 30 minutes for 100% battery charge for the Basic and Standard models. Fast charging up to 70% is possible in under 60 minutes.

The charging time for the extended model is 3 hours for 80% and additional 30 minutes for 100% battery charge. Fast charging up to 70% is possible in under 90 minutes.

The coolest feature includes the Mobile App connectivity. It also includes Park Assist, Reverse Gear, Side Stand Sensor, USB Charging, Remote key with keyless driving, Anti-theft Alarm, Anti-theft wheel lock, and also Ladies Foot Rest.

However, the Smart intelligent mobile app is one of the high-tech features, a start-up company is providing for its E-Scooty. β€œ With Quad-band GSM and GNSS with AGPS IoT device inside, get a host of connected features like Tow/Theft Alerts, Low Battery Alert, Monthly vehicle reports, Keyless ON/OFF using Mobile APP, Schedules Secure Park, Vehicles tracking & geofencing. Driving Score & Rider behavior, Rash Driving Alerts, Speeding Alert, SOS and many more.” The E-Scooters and the e-mobility can be handled safely with mobile app connectivity.

The proud owner Ketan Mehta states, β€œ We are thrilled to become the fastest in the electric vehicle sphere to achieve this feat. Today, owing to the massively increasing internet penetration and conversations surrounding the benefits of electric vehicles, consumers have started making conscious  decisions.”

The price range of the electric vehicles has been kept at an affordable price of Rs 72,000 to 95,000 with 3 years of warranty.

Well, as we can see, there is a movement towards battery swapping technology. It is faster. The work can be done in 2minutes time rather than hours. It is easy to swap. The cost is there, however, manageable.

So, why not the companies provide a global solution rather than setting up their charging station individually in each country. It reduces the congestion and also increases the availability of such a model more than usual. It is effective on long routes or stressful days.

Source:- HOP, Economictimes

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