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How fuel cell technology can be powerful?

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A major difficulty in the fuel cell is handling the leakage issues wherein lithium-ion batteries, water penetration can cause fire hazards, and thereby testing of relevant components for leaks is important in the production of fuel cells.

A major focus has been put into the fuel cell and can be seen by Bosch as they launch “Bosch stack” by 2022 where heavy commercial vehicles and stationary storage systems are equipped enough with new fuel cell technology. A leak test system has been developed by Robert Bosch Manufacturing Solutions GmbH who is a special-purpose machinery manufacturer used for fuel cell components.

An accumulation chamber is used based on the helium process which uses LDS3000 AQ. The specialty of such a test system is its reliability and fast leak testing method with helium in a simple accumulation chamber.

As we see with advancements, problems related to hazardous issues also evolve in different forms and techniques and are needed to fix for long-term benefits. The focus of shifting from batteries to fuel cells shows the path to move out from depending only on batteries but also coming out with more refined solutions for electric drives.

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