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A new DC-DC bidirectional converter for 48V mild hybrid vehicles and electric motorcycles

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Renesas Electronics produced a new DC-DC converter that includes a GaN-on-silicon power transistor by GaN Systems.

As per GaN Systems, a 46% reduction in system size is provided by the GS61008P which is a 100 V enhancement-mode power transistor. The new bidirectional converter is for 48 V mild hybrid vehicles and electric motorcycles with an automatic phase drop function, an ISL78226 PWM controller, and a half-bridge driver.

As per GaN Systems,

“A combination of GaN with the automatic phase drop function achieves highly efficient power conversion even at low loads, exceeding 94% power efficiency over a wide load range of 400 W to 3 kW”.

 “The half-bridge driver ISL78420/444 provides an easy and cost-effective method of driving GaN transistors.” GaN Systems says the converter enables “a 46% reduction of the PCB area by leveraging the excellent switching capabilities of GaN Systems’s transistors—enabling a high-efficiency power converter with a high switching frequency of 500 kHz. This allows the use of very small 1.3 µH inductors, which leads to a significant decrease in size and weight.”

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