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Is electric bus the new future?

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We are talking about electric autos and different segmentation available to the consumer but what about the daily transportation available to the commuters? We do talk about pollution caused by autos but how about the buses or other transportation medium also a medium of pollution carrier? Do they have some solution for such transportation?

As per a survey conducted by KBA, the number of buses recorded on road with alternative drive systems is as shown below:-

Electric bus with alternative drive systems
Source:- KBA

The number shows quite an affinity towards Natural gas fuel and then Hybrid buses. In the next survey by PwC, buses with alternative drive type are shown,

Electric buses with electric drive-by type of drive
Source:- PwC

In my opinion, a pure electric bus is quite challenging at present moment but in the future, the turning point will be to run a bus on complete pure electric fuel as a 100% way of counteracting CO2 leading to a better healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Source:- PwC

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