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Good news for Jaguar Land Rover fans

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The fans will be delighted to know about the heavy investment by Jaguar Land Rover in the EV market.

The company is opening up its new testing facility in Gaydon, UK. The new Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) lab test will be used by the automaker for future electric vehicles.

Electromagnetics and Compliance Senior Manager, Peter Philips, said:

“The importance of testing our vehicles for electromagnetic compatibility cannot be underestimated. Opening this new testing facility is an important step forward for the business and it will play a critical role in helping us deliver quality, legal, and customer satisfaction”. The new facility area features two sound-absorbing rooms, an electronic rolling road for testing vehicles at speed, and performance equipment.

The plan for Jaguar is to go fully electric by 2025 even though Jaguar is facing several problems while transitioning to an electric vehicle.

In 2024, the Range Rover is fully going for EVs.

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Source:- Electrek

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