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The different products from Joy e-Bike

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Joy e-Bike, as the name says, is an electric bike company to launch the best eco-friendly bikes in the Indian market. The company CEO is Mr.Yatin Gupte and the headquarter is in Vadodara, Gujrat, India. It is the 1st E-vehicle manufacturer listed in BSE.

As per Sheetal Bhalerao, Chief Operating Officer, WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd., “ I believe this experience centre would prove to be a game-changing endeavour. It will introduce electric vehicles into every household in the state. We are grateful to the Maharashtra Government for giving us this opportunity to expand our operations in the state and bring electric mobility closer to potential customers.”

The company products include are:- Wolf+, Gen Next Nanu+, hurricane, Thunderbolt, Beast, E-monster, Monster, Glob, Wolf, and Gen Next Nanu E-Scooter.

The time to charge Joye eBike is almost 9 hours except for Joy eBike E-Monster, which gets charged in 5 to 5.5 hours. The current showroom price for Joy eBike is Rs.1,56,500 to Rs.2,42,000.

The company showcased some of its well-known eBike at the 14th EV Expo in India,

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Some of the live video stories at the event,

The company is offering a wide range of eBikes. As the experience in E-Scooters has been remarkable, the eBikes are also been eagerly awaited. However, the company got its tough competitors such as Hero bikes, Ola, and even international companies like Terra Motors.

The company is excelling in its supper stylish and affordable eBikes with a variety to opt for.

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