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Who are the global players of lithium-ion battery production?

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The top global players of lithium-ion battery manufacturers are:-

  1. Panasonic Sanyo
  2. CATL
  3. BYD
  4. LG Chem
  5. Samsung
  1. Panasonic Sanyo, a subsidiary of Panasonic. The net revenue recorded in 2018 is 84.678 Billion Yen. The company is focused on consumer electronics, dry batteries,  vacuum cleaners, and cellular phones. In 2009, Panasonic acquired 50.2 percent in Sanyo. In 2011, Sanyo became a subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation. The acquisition entitled Panasonic to become the owner of the world’s largest plasma panel plant.  Sanyo electric co. Ltd. is a Japanese electronics company, headquartered in Moriguchi, Osaka prefecture, Japan. The company was a member of Fortune Global 500.
  2. CATL (Contemporary  Amperex Technology) is the battery supplier of Tesla. They are one of the giant manufacturers of electric vehicle batteries. In 2020, the total revenue is around 50 billion Chinese yuan. In September 2021, the installed power battery reached a volume of 15.7GWh. A rise of 138.6%. The company is also a battery supplier to automakers such as BMW, Volkswagen, and Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz. The Chinese battery supplier company is known to hold more billionaires than any public company. As per Adamas Intelligence, in 2020, 46% of the EV batteries were deployed in China in contrary to its Rival BYD, whose battery share was only 16% for EV batteries.
  3. BYD, another Chinese manufacturing company recorded a revenue of 6,490 crores CNY in 2019. The Chinese EV company is backed by Warren Buffet. The company is in partnership with Japan’s Top automaker Toyota and German Daimler in China
  4. LG Chem, A south Korean chemical company. The sales for LG Chem batteries are steadily increasing. In 2020, the sales revenue for the batteries were recorded as around 12.4 trillion South Korean won. The top competitors are CBAK Energy Technology, Northvolt, Farasis Energy Inc, Samsung  SDI, SK Innovation, and GS Yuasa International.

 A survey by Benchmark Minerals shows the production capacity of Li-Ion batteries in GigaWatt hours by the main manufacturers are:-

Lithium-ion battery manufacturers in 2028.

Source:- Statista, Reuters,cgtn,EV info

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