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Why Maestrotek Innovations?

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Maestrotek Innovations was formed in 2006 by a group of automation experts. The headquarter is in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The company’s specialties are Industrial Automation, FA-IT Solutions, and independent of PLC. The revenue is less than $ 5 million.

The company operated within the PC-based intelligent Automation and Control and is a pioneer in FA-IT solutions. It is a proven combination of Factory Automation and IT for enabling automation intelligence.

They cater services in Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Power distribution/Energy Management, Energy & Infrastructure and Food and Beverage, and many more sectors with new scope for efficient automation.

As we know in today’s era, data is the gold in the B2B or B2C industry. But not just from a human beings but also from machines. As the machines are communicating with each other, or with other devices, it generates huge data.

The machines are communicating with MES, ERP, and clouds. Machines are also programmed for multi-level communication within the production line, and plants, enabling compliances while downtime is reduced.

Maestrotek uses machine control systems to make machines more intelligent. It is a pioneer in factory automation and IT for enabling the delivery of automation intelligence across the factory automation value chain.

The core area is ‘PC-based automation and control’.

The functionality of Mi-Data Collector & Mi-Reports in other industries are:-

  • Automatic backup of HMI data at a pre-defined interval.
  • Mi-Data collector connects multiple HMIs to the central DB server over LAN.
  • The configuration tool is user-friendly to add HMIs & their internal data to pickup.
  • Transferring data to the central DB server consist of,
    • Logged Process data
      • Audit -trail
      • Alarms
      • Recipe Data
    • Storage of Data in secured Databases with MySQL or MS-SQL.
    • Settable data update interval for each HMI
    • Connection Diagnostics & log
    • Onboard reporting tool Mi-reports lite for viewing & printing reports.

Benefits of Mi-Data Collector & Mi-Reports

  • Secured storage of batch data & Audit trail is for the long term.
  • Past data can be viewed and printed by Batch name or in the Time range.
  • Historic Data buffered in HMI memory in Secured internal DB
  • Configurable Storage limit in terms of
  • Number of batches
  • Memory size
  • Data-loss zero in case of disconnection between HMI & Central server.
  • Synchronized Time-Stamps, Audit events & Data between HMI level printout & central report.
  • Captured Audit trail events generated for user login, logout & other user management operations.
  • MES/L2 system can directly query from Mi- Data collector SQL tables.
  • Optional OPC-UA connector to transfer historic data recorder to MES.

An agreement has been signed between Maestrotek and M/s. GLOBAL WASTE SOLUTION for dismantling and recycling of all the RPR activities including a collection of transportation storage, and segregation with regards to E Waster. They are an authorized pollution control board from Haryana.

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