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Who are the main players in global plug-in electric vehicles?

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The market for the players in the global plug-in electric vehicles shows the sales percentage. It helps you to understand how the market is getting curved with new technology and who are the leading players in the respective domain.

As per EV-Volumes.com, Tesla is dominant in the electric vehicle industry or the market. The original player in the market believes that it is possible to drive an electric vehicle on the road to control the environmental changes.

The sales of the market share for the global plug-in electric vehicles in 2020. The market analysis shows different brands are competing against each other for plug-in electric vehicle.

And maintain a pollution-free environment. Tesla is scoring and capturing the market in all variations of the electric vehicle market. Like hybrid or plug-in electric vehicles.

Market share for the sales for global plug-in electric vehicles (2020).

In my opinion, 2020 got its taste of both Covid-19 and the new electric vehicle drives and concepts on the road. The competition shows that established manufacturers are getting tough competition with the new competitors as well.  

Source:- Statista.

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