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What is the market scenario of electric vehicle in the USA?

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The comparison of electric vehicles on different continents concludes the need among the consumers. The electric vehicle with its variations in different forms not only provides the consumer with options as per their feasibility but the expansion of the automobile industry is growing into a limitless possibility with unlimited boundaries.

The technological expansion of the automobile industry shows a domain that is not bound only to design and more mileage but environmentally friendly with a possibility of intelligence behind developing new conceptual fuels to keeping the conveyance of transportation.

The R&D towards a better option in an alternative drive system is gearing up the auto industry into an upgraded level adhering to sustainable guidelines and goals. As per a market survey conducted by the Center of Automotive Management in 2019, In the USA 324,000 electric cars have been sold as compared to China where the number reached 1,20,4000. 

The number depends upon the consumer and is one of the heavily populated countries, an added advantage is prominent.

In the below graph, the number of sales in alternative drive systems shows the preference is more with Mild-hybrid vehicles.

Number of sales of electric in alternative drive systems in 2019.
Source:- EV-volumes.com

In the next following graph, the number of vehicles sold as per type and manufacturer indicates Tesla to be a clear winner among the consumer in the USA.

Number of vehicles sold as per model type  in 2019
Source:- EV-volumes.com

In my opinion, Tesla being the pioneer in the field of the electric vehicle where the only selling product is based on batteries or the combination with other types of fuels indicates the dominance in the market. The USA being one of the leaders in innovation and technology shows the involvement from other manufacturers in a rapid manner and expanding the horizon across globally.

Source:- Statista

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