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What’s next with Mobilize brand in 2023?

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The Mobility brand Mobilize is going to launch a modern version of the Twizy electric microvehicle by 2023.  However, it is not for sale but rather for rental and leasing options. A variant of the model will also be launched for transporting goods and equipment.

The technical feature of the vehicle includes an electric motor in the rear end that moves the rear wheels. The vehicle is available in two versions: 45km/h (depending on the country without a driving license for 14 years) and 80 km/h (category B driving license). They both offer rapid acceleration. They got a silent and vibration-free approach to ensure comfort.

According to the motorcycle test cycle WMTC, the range of the duo should be 140 kilometers.

The duo is 2.43 meters short, 1.30 meters narrow, and 1.46 meters high. The development is based on the principles of eco-design and the responsible use of resources, Mobilize stresses. According to the principles of the circular economy, the goal is to use more than 50 percent recycled materials for production and to make the vehicle 95 percent recyclable at the end of its service life. The trolley consists of a tubular structure with paint-free plastic panels. The front and rear bumpers are identical to reduce production and repair costs. The plastic grain on the bumpers and aprons is intended to reduce signs of wear over time and conceal scratches.

According to Mobilize, the rear seat is large enough for a 1.80-meter-tall passenger to sit comfortably. The brand’s plans also include amenities for people with reduced mobility: the vehicle will be able to transport a foldable wheelchair and can be supplied with a kit for attaching the controls to the steering wheel.

The system uploads real-time data such as battery charge or location to a server that can forward it to the fleet management platforms of companies or operators. The digital functions and services of the vehicle can be updated, activated, or deactivated via the network. The Duo has a keyless entry and ignition system for smartphones so that it can be used as easily as possible by several people.

According to Mobilize, “this microvehicle embodies everything the Mobilize brand stands for: redefining the rules and advocating for new, more attractive and fun mobility that is also more responsible, inclusive and suitable for all ages.”

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