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What models other manufacturers are offering in HEV?

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In the US, the new launch from Ford was Fusion, Escape, Mariner, and Milan. Hybrid electric vehicles are provided in different price ranges. Ford Fusion is available at US$ 27, 950, Escape at US$29 860, Mariner at US$ 30 105, and Ford Milan at US$31 915.
The Base model price for Ford is from the range of US$ 19 695 to US$ 21 860 in Hybrid electric vehicles.

However, it is interesting to look at the miles per gallon for Ford in City is from 34 and the maximum is 41, which is quite low as compared to the Toyota series in the hybrid electric vehicles. However, Toyota Highlander provides only 27 MPG and in Highway, the MPG range for Ford is from 26 to 36 MPG.

The Base mpg for Ford Fusion in the city is 22 mpg and 34 in Highway, Ford Escape in the city is 22 and 28 mpg, Ford Mariner in the city is 21 and in Highway, it is 28 and Ford Milan in the city is 23 and highway is 34 mpg.

Hybrid electric vehicles from different models.

If the prices are compared with Toyota, Highlander is the only expensive vehicle (US$34 900) with less MPG as compared to any of the brands available by Ford. The Honda is available in Insight and Civic brands from the price range of US$ 19 800 to $23 800. Nissan Altima is available at US$ 26 780, Lexus is available in RX 450h at US$42 685, GS 450h at US$ 57 450, and LS 600h at US$ 108 800.

In General Motors, Tahoe is sold for US$ 50 720, Yukon at US$ 51 185, Sierra at US$ 38 710, Malibu at US$ 22 800, Escalade at US$ 73 425, and Silverado at US$ 38 340. Aspen and Durango from Chrysler are available for US$44 700 and US$45 900 respectively. However, in the city, the range in MPG is quite less for Honda, Nissan, Lexus, GM GMC, and Chrysler as compare to the mpg range available for the highway.

Source:- Hybrid electric vehicles by Mi, Masrur, and Wenzhong Gao.

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