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What is the new Ace EV by TATA?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The new Ace EV in India is the most advanced, zero-emission, four-wheel small commercial vehicle with a green and innovative transportation solution. The Ace EV will be the first product with Tata Motor’s EVOGEN powertrain with an unparalleled certified range of 154 kilometers. It is meant for all weather conditions with an advanced battery cooling system and regenerative braking system for boosting the driving range. … Continue reading What is the new Ace EV by TATA?

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Are EV tyres different from conventional tyres?

Reading Time: 2 minutes ICE vehicles and traditional vehicle tyres might look similar but they are different in terms of components. EV tyres are also the latest generation polymers, traction resin, and other raw materials. The instant acceleration of the EVs can handle more torque and which means an improved tread pattern and rubber compounds. Usually, EV tyres are designed with lesser rolling resistance an amount of around 30%. … Continue reading Are EV tyres different from conventional tyres?

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Switch Mobility Ltd electric double-decker bus

Reading Time: 2 minutes Switch EiV, India’s first electric double-decker air-conditioned bus are designed, developed, and manufactured in India. Why Switch EiV? It is equipped with the latest technology, ultra-modern design, the highest safety, and best-in-class comfort features. The double-decker bus is designed to set a new standard in the intra-city segment. The features include- a standard floor, an air-conditioned, electric double-decker with a wider door on the rear … Continue reading Switch Mobility Ltd electric double-decker bus

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What’s new with ADS-TEC Energy?

Reading Time: < 1 minutes ChargePost debuted by ADS-Tec Energy is a compact battery-based EV charging system to enable ultra-fast charging without any need for extending the existing grid. What is ChargePost? It is an all-in-one design that is integrated with battery, electronics, cooling system, and charger in a compact container. ADS-TEC Energy requires only 21.5 square feet of ground space. The uncooled CCS1/CCS2 connector in the integrated charging cable … Continue reading What’s new with ADS-TEC Energy?

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New technology for Audi e-Tron

Reading Time: 3 minutes According to Audi Board Member for Technology Oliver Hoffmann, “In the new Q8 e-Tron, we have once again been able to significantly increase both battery capacity and charging power. In this way, we achieve an optimized balance between energy density and charging capability and thus ensure greater efficiency.”  The usable amount of energy for e-Tron 55 increases from 86 to 106 kWh. Audi uses a … Continue reading New technology for Audi e-Tron

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Heavy Duty Electric Truck with fuel range extender by RWTH Aachen

Reading Time: < 1 minutes The first roadworthy prototype of its electric heavy-duty truck, by the chair of “ Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components” (PEM) with fuel cell equipped to extend its range. The vehicle is being developed as part of the “SeLv” research project funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport with around 16.9 million euros. The abbreviation stands for “Heavy trucks for emission-free logistics in … Continue reading Heavy Duty Electric Truck with fuel range extender by RWTH Aachen

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New partnership for Jaguar Land Rover

Reading Time: 2 minutes A new strategic partnership for Jaguar Land Rover and Wolfspeed for the silicon carbide semiconductor supply. As per the British car company, “The technology is significant for the next generation of electric vehicles from Jaguar and Land Rover and will increase the efficiency of the drive as well as the range.” As part of the realignment, Jaguar Land Rover is transforming into a company that … Continue reading New partnership for Jaguar Land Rover

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Renault and Geely joint venture for a hybrid vehicle

Reading Time: 2 minutes The new joint venture agreement between Renault Group and Chinese car group Geely. As per the press release, “A global leader in the development, production, and distribution of first-class hybrid drives and highly efficient combustion engines”. As per the new agreement, Geely and Renault will each hold a 50:50 interest in the new entity. It will be an independent global manufacturer of propulsion systems that … Continue reading Renault and Geely joint venture for a hybrid vehicle

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Toyota Prius 5th generation

Reading Time: 3 minutes Toyota unveiled its 5th generation Hybrid model Prius. It is going to be launched in the Summer of 2023 exclusively as a plug-in hybrid model. The latest plug-in hybrid system on the market in Germany has greater power and a bigger battery for a longer range of electricity. Toyota has furthered the aerodynamic design, for which the vehicle has long been recognized, with a coupe-like … Continue reading Toyota Prius 5th generation

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Farizon Auto’s new Launch

Reading Time: 2 minutes Farizon Auto, a commercial vehicle manufacturer belonging to the Chinese Geely Group showcases the new products. The new semi-truck is known as the Homtruck and will be delivered in 2024. The market is targeted in international areas also including North America. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd., or Geely for short, is a multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Hangzhou, China. In addition to developing and … Continue reading Farizon Auto’s new Launch