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What is the main purpose of the PHEV?

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PHEV is known as Plug-in-hybrid electric vehicle. Have we ever thought about the different classifications of electric vehicles? What is the purpose of a PHEV in our daily life?

And when we talk about purpose. It also means the purpose for solving the daily needs of PHEVs.

It has been stated that PHEVs are significantly important for environmental and economic benefits in society. The main purposes for the PHEVs are:-

  1. The owners of the PHEV will be needing very little gasoline. It leads to less refueling and hence a compelling amount of fossil fuel can be saved. The displacement of the consumption of fossil fuel in the transportation sector will lead to a long-term impact on the economy, environment, and political sphere.
  2. Another important aspect of reducing the use of gasoline is the reduction in the significant amount of emissions. A centralized form of electricity generation leads to much fewer emissions than gasoline-powered cars. Hence the GHG emissions or other pollution can be mitigated from urban areas to remote corners.
  3. The emission mitigation also helps in handling the heavy pollution in dense localities in metropolitan cities. Since the electricity from the future will be generated more from renewable energy sources, emissions will also be reduced further.
  4. PHEVs main fuel is electricity. The use of electricity is much cheaper than gasoline on the roads. Hence the cost per mile driven on electricity than the gasoline will be much cheaper. However, PHEVs are expensive than conventional cars. So the initial cost for the owner will be higher and will take some time to recover from fuel savings.
  5. PHEVs are also good support in terms of healthy engine maintenance and cost savings on the maintenance front. With the extensive use of regenerative braking, brake system maintenance, or less frequency in the repairment of the brake pad or brake fluid change. As the engine is not operating so much, less time will be required for oil changes or other engine maintenance services.
  6. Another benefit of PHEV can be as a backup power source. Since it is a bidirectional charger, it can be used as a home or office with 3-10 KW of power during emergency times. The onboard engine generator/motor can extent the backup duration for electricity generation.
  7. The PHEV batteries are not just limited to vehicle fuel. But can also be used for grid energy storage. Once the performance of the PHEV “retired” battery is not desired as a vehicle fuel, it can provide voltage regulation, system stability, and frequency regulation for a power grid due to the availability of 30-50% of the original energy capacity. Also, frequency regulation and stability are more important due to more and more renewable energy generation being put on the power grid.

In my opinion, some factors like energy cost-saving or reduction of GHG are very much important and appealing to a wider audience. But the high cost of the PHEVs is a good investment for the owners.

However, it is expected that with time, the cost can be adjusted with the production of the PHEVs being ramping up. Also, the government incentives can help in subsidizing the initial cost of the PHEVs.

Also handling the initial cost of the PHEVs, by the owners can be done in terms of choosing different electricity pricing structures. Or even Charging the PHEV during off-peak times.

Source:- Hybrid electric vehicles by Chris Mi

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