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What is the scenario of plug-in EVs compared to battery electric vehicles?

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The global market value of plug-in EVs across the world touched the sales in million units. The market is not stagnant but with every year, the rise is steady with unlimited possibilities. The figure below shows the global sales of plug-in electric vehicles:-

Global sales of plug-in EVs.

In the next survey by Statista, the market share for battery EVs and Plug-in hybrid EVs for the selected market is represented: –

Market share of battery and plug-in EVs

The following survey result shows that Norway is the leading country in battery electric vehicles as well as in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The Netherlands comes next to Norway.

The picture shows the huge demand for electric vehicles in Scandinavian countries. Among the European countries, only Netherlands and Germany have been able to expand the market for EVs.

The graph also shows the market need for pure battery-driven EVs is much more in demand as compared to plug-in EVs. Even though the cost and the complications of a pure battery-electric vehicle are much higher. Norway seems to be a country with high demand to overcome the obstacles seen in the case of battery EVs.

A country with a smaller population utilizes the benefits of passing new policies needed for the advantage of environmentally friendly initiatives in a much higher percentage. The Netherlands also shows a higher demand in percentage with battery electric vehicles.

In an overall view across the globe, the battery EVs market share is much higher compared to plug-in hybrid EVs. With the rise of the need to maintain the sustainability goals. As well as an eco-friendly environment, battery EVs are most in demand.

Source:- Statista (Electromobility)

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