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What is the global market worth for plug-in hybrid EVs?

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The global market sales for plug-in hybrid EVs in 2019 are estimated to be 568.26 thousand units.

Global plug-in hybrid EVs

The market is growing steadily.

In the next survey, the worldwide sales for plug-in hybrid EVs are shown in thousands of units. Tesla is the pioneer in EVs, leading the market. Its undoubtedly worth watching the growth from China, BYD, BAIC, and SAIC, being in the top 5 shows the competition is raising the scale.

worldwide sales for plug-in EVs

The global market for plug-in hybrid EVs is volatile. The leading German manufacturer failed to mark the position in the top 5. Even though, each of the German car producers is launching innovative and stylish EVs.

Global market share for plug-in hybrid EVS.

The market seems to be captured with Tesla and other EVs manufactured by other leading Chinese automotive companies.

One of the important factors among the consumer or the customers. They need to try out different possibilities. Tesla is a dominant player with new vehicle features and other additional accessories. The market is surplus with new models, but with time, the profit or the revenue can become a deciding factor for car brands to survive.

Hopefully, the EV charging station are launched with new effective policies for the car producers to make fortune in a faster way. The lack of charging stations or power plus is a major obstacle for any new or established car producers.

Source:- Statista (Electric vehicle)

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