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Quantron Qargo

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Quantron AG was founded in 2019 in Augsburg, Bayern, Germany. It is a solution provider for zero-emission transport of goods and people such as trucks, buses, vans, and special vehicles. Commercial vehicles are electrified with previously driven quietly and emission-free with new electric utility vehicles.

It was meant for e-mobility in heavy traffic.

Quantron Qargo 4EV is a light transporter from Quantron with a battery-electric cargo solution. It is ideal for sustainable deliveries over the last mile, in traffic plants and municipalities.

The wheelbase is flexible with 3.3 m of excellent maneuverability with a very small turning radius to have a compact vehicle ideal for inner-city traffic.

Qargo got an operative range of up to 350 km as well as a payload of 2,300 kg without any emissions or noise.

The battery capacity is 81 kWh with fully charged within 1.2 hours. It is cobalt-free batteries from CATL, the world’s largest battery manufacturer.  

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