Do you think Quantumscape is the competition for Tesla?

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Can Quantumscape be the next revolutionary idea?

Well, the days of windows, search engines, or smartphones are gone. The ideas to be coolest or the benchmark in competition. Tesla with their vision of driving vehicles via a battery. An eco-friendly solution proved vehicles can be driven with a variety of solutions.

One of the successful hopes that Volkswagen can see in competition with Tesla is Quantumscape. The start-up from California owned by Wolfsburg is focused on developing “miracle batteries”.

To revolutionize the e-car world. The reason concluded is that solid-state batteries can charge to a capacity of 80 percent in 15 minutes. The batteries considered offering a range of more than 50 percent. Then any previous lithium-ion models with resistance to both heat and freezing cold.

A well-known chemist, Stan Whittingham, helped in developing lithium-ion batteries. It is considering the batteries to be a breakthrough. Quantumscape is backed up by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. As one of the major investors in the production of the batteries.

However, Quantumscape’s technology is in doubt with false promises. And serious accusations from the short-seller Scorpion Capital from New York. The allegations confirmed by the internal engineers. And battery experts from Volkswagen till now don’t believe the battery can be charged in 15 minutes.

The product is considered to be a black box. The claims stating the information are exaggerated, misleading, or lies were false promises or another fraud case.

In my opinion, in the world of new technology or business. Anything is possible. But when the start-ups are backed by well-known founders like Bill gates. Allegations or accusations that need to be seen are also valid enough.

Even though fraud cases are well known. But the validity of such accusations is also something unknown. And without performing the test with a real vehicle, I doubt any accusation or allegations can be accepted.

Source:- Business Insider

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