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Simple Energy Escooter market

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Simple Energy is a Bengaluru-based electric mobility maker. The company is owned by Suhas Rajkumar. The company was incorporated in 2019.

The company launched its first e-scooter, Simple Mark 2 with a range of 240 km in eco mode at 30-40 kmph and a top speed of 100kph in sports mode. The scooter is launched in three modes, Eco, normal, and sports. In 3.6 seconds, 0-50 kph can be achieved by the scooter comparatively faster than any other scooter available on the market.

Simple 1 is priced at 1.10 lakh and received a booking of 50,000. The corporate foal is to launch 100,000 models in FY 23. The facility of the Simple Energy is at Hosur, Tamil Nadu with 200,000 models to be launched. It is scaling up for 1 million models to be launched.

The market strategy is set by partnering with dealership centers, college students, and IT sector office goers. The e-scooter is followed by a low-scale scooter model as well as a mid-range electric bike.

As per the founder, Suhas Rajkumar, “We had initially scheduled deliveries of Simple One starting Feb/March 2-22. We wanted to establish the supply chain and have a clear picture of production plans to ensure firm timelines. Simple One deliveries will commence in June. We expect to deliver existing bookings in 3-4 months.”

The target is to launch 1L EScooters on the road from June 2022. Simple energy is expanding its reach in Tamil Nadu by making an investment of 2,500 crores in the subsequent 5 years.

Simple One’s direct rival is Ather 450X. The range covered by the 450X is 116 kilometers with a small 2.9 kWh battery.

The simple one is powered by a 4.8 kWh battery, a removable battery to charge separately. The battery is supported by fast charging, so 70 minutes is the time as said by Suhas Rajkumar.

As per Suhas Rajkumar, “I think there’s a lot of room for new players to come. India is such a large market, that it can accommodate 10 to 20 Simple energy easily. There’s awareness about the EV market already and to have a second-mover advantage gets us the best of supply chain management, price, cutting, and all other aspects that we can learn from the mistakes of other operators.”

In my opinion, the market is wide for new players, and the thrive enthusiastic support from the customer is creating a huge demand for new products. But, the issue with heat up and various problems leading the battery to catch fire is creating a massacre, so, hope the battery is provided with good thermal management support to cool the heat stuff.

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