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What is the situation of the electric vehicles in Belgium?

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Electric vehicles known for their sensation and the demand created in the market. So does the charging station. The situation shows that how crucial the changes in our automotive industry are needed.

To make for a better sustainable way of leaving. And have a healthy way of the outlet. One of the crucial markets opened alongside electric vehicles is the charging stations. How powerful are they? How far and fast can they provide?

The scenario of electric vehicle shows a growing need for charging. Are the Belgium people well equipped with such solutions?

As per a survey by Statbel, the number of electrical vehicles and hybrid vehicles used in Belgium are: –

Charging stations-survey on the opinions of the Belgium people.
Charging stations-Number of electric vehicles used in Belgium.

Hybrid electric vehicle is the most in demand. The stations has been divided into two types. Normal and fast charge. The normal charging capacity for electric vehicle is (<=22kW). And the fast-charging capacity is (>22kW).

Charging stations- the charging capacities.

The charging capacities details out the scenario faced by Belgium. Where the fast-charging are far lesser than normal stations available in Belgium. The number has been growing to increase the facilities.

But in the fast charging capacities. It is not so high as compared to normal stations. Fast charging is somehow not in demand.

As compared to the normal stations. The normal charging stations are increasing in thousands. Whereas the fast-charging stations are in hundreds.

Source:- EAFO, Statista (Electric vehicle industry in Belgium)

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