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What is the situation with electric vehicles in Germany?

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Germany being one of the developed countries with the latest technology proved its interest in sustainable development goals also. The promotion of electric vehicles is eligible for purchasing and/or leasing of electric cars in various types such as subsidizing through the environmental bonus.

The vehicles eligible for such a program are those admitted for the first time and the netlist price of the basic model is not exceeding 60,000 euros. Half of the premium is borne by the federal government and half by the car manufacturer. The environmental bonuses are so far mostly for pure battery electric vehicles.

Brands leading in electric vehicles market in Germany in 2019.
Number of new electric vehicle registration in Germany in 2019
Number of electric vehicles from 2007 to 2020.
Electric vehicles registered (2017 to 2020.).

In my opinion, from the above figures, the cost is one of the major factors leading anybody to decide which brand to select, why type of vehicle they need to drive.

The processing of the human mind needs to deal with the everyday expenditure and also the expense of their livelihood based on the realistic cost, which often leads to a practical solution based on availability. There is a group that can afford the luxurious segment but a group of people is also living an economical lifestyle.

Source:- KBA, Statista (Elektromobilität).

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