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What are the reasons for the slow adoption of EVs in Japan?

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The main reasons for the slow adoption of EVs in Japan are:-

  1. High popularity of hybrid vehicles which accounts for about 40% of new car sales in Japan in 2022. Japanese consumers are slow to embrace EVs due to hybrids dominating the market.
  2. Japanese automakers are lagging behind in the conversion to EVs compared to other countries, failing to attract more new buyers.
  3. 9/10 Japanese car buyers prefer domestic in order to support the local brands due to local preferences. However, due to domestic Japanese manufacturers falling behind when it comes to EVs, non-JDM automakers are meeting the huge demand.
  4. Anti-EV propaganda, Toyota, one of the largest automakers in Japan has been accused of spreading anti-EV propaganda to promote gasoline hybrids in the future in an attempt to paint EVs as more polluting than gasoline hybrids. This resulted in a lack of awareness and interest in EVs among Japanese consumers.

Source: Japantimes, worldcrunch, insideevs

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