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What with the name in Smart cars?

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The branding in the automobile industry is something very significant for the car types to be acceptable among the consumers. The trendy names or savvy styles are used for letting the customers know the new specification and also be updated with the upcoming series or new models.

The new generation electric cars from Smart launched their new nomenclature as “#’ combined with a number at the IAA in 2021.

The trending symbol widely used in social media can be seen as a new approach by Automobile moguls to merge it with different industries. Although the future is all about the digital world. Even the latest cars or auto industry are going digitalized with autonomous vehicles or digital panels being introduced in the futuristic cars for all sorts of technical navigation.

So why not use a trending social symbol to let the new generation know that it is not all about status but meant for all range of customers.

As per the sources, in the press release Smart defined it as “an unmistakable family name for its new generation of all-electric vehicles”. A new way of setting trends in the digital space.

However, the scenario is unclear how it is going to be presented in the future. Will it be used as a counted-up mode? Or reflecting the chronological order such as in Polestar? Or BMW nomenclature for size and positioning of the vehicle.

The new “Smart #1” is an impressive combination of electric drive technology with premium quality. The target audience is China and Europe to set new trends in urban mobility for strong brand experiences.

In my opinion, it’s different (fantastic) but a unique nomenclature style used in the Automobile industry. The futuristic cars or the automobile is not just to do with the new engine, or interior styling or exterior but a lot of space with presenting or marketing the vehicle to the right audience.

It is simple but an eye-catching nomenclature to be ready with the new futuristic generation and targeting the younger generation more with the new concept.

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