Top reasons to purchase electric vehicle in Southeast Asia.

Why Southeast Asia wants to buy an electric vehicle?

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Are we interested with customer from Southeast Asia? Do we need to know the reason?

It is something appropriate. And quite important to know why any consumer would change their mode of transport. From the conventional to an electric style of living. With the potentiality of covering lesser miles.

Or having trouble finding a nearby charging point. One of the obstacles is the charging points. The charging usually takes 15 to 20 minutes of your time. With superfast chargers whereas, with long-time chargers, it’s more than 5 hours.

The survey result by Nissan, Frost & Sullivan shows the following nature of people from Southeast Asia. And the needs to make a switch to an EV: –

Top reasons to purchase electric vehicle in Southeast Asia.

It is interesting that the charging cost of the EV is much less important. Than any other factors. In my opinion, the result shows that Southeast Asia is open to the new concepts of electric vehicles.

And the cost factor is considerably less worried for any of the consumers. Think before purchasing a new electric vehicle. The open mind attitude to try a new idea shows the market opportunity. And the interest to grow along with time.

Source:- Statista

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