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Can you charge your EV in 10 minutes?

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The race to provide charging facilities as fast as possible is the latest trend in the global auto industry market. Nobody wants to wait for 15 minutes, even though, it is an ultrafast charging station.

A high expectation of the electric car industry for developing solid-state batteries, i.e. batteries with solid electrolytes instead of liquid electrolytes.

However, as the battery manufacturer StoreDot CEO, Dr. Doron Myersdorf said in a press release: “It is critical that leading battery developers like StoreDot give global automakers a realistic and hype-free roadmap for the adoption of ultra-fast charging battery technologies. At this point, solid-state batteries are still at least ten years away, despite the grandiose claims of our competitors. They are certainly not a panacea for all vehicle manufacturers currently developing fast-charging electric vehicle architectures.”

StoreDot is an Israeli company focusing on developing extremely fast-charging electric car batteries. The company rejected such batteries and stated it is a decade away.

As per efahrer, it is a cost-efficient, fast, and safe rechargeable battery with high energy density.

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