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What do Industry leaders state on EV swappable battery technology?

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The new budget 2022 for EVs supported the swappable battery technology that got widely accepted by Hero Motors and Okinawa Motors. The technology is beneficial for E2W and E3W more than any other electric vehicle.

However, the network is limited to a few brands and didn’t get the same response as others in Ola Electric and Ather Energy company.

The edited opinions from the EV industry leaders for the 2022 Budget:-

VIVEK ANAND HALLEKERE, Chief Executive officer and Co-Founder of Bounce Motors, “With the Budget 2022-2023 announcement on bringing out a robust battery swapping policy, this vindicates the path that we have pioneered for Bounce. Government and policymakers have recognized battery swapping as the most effective solution to accelerate EV adoption in India. We believe this move can enable affordable and clean mobility at scale. At Bounce, we are nearing a million battery swaps already and the government’s decision ties in with our vision that clean and affordable mobility is a fundamental right.”

MARTIN SCHWENK, MD &CEO of Mercedes-Benz India, “ The battery-swapping announcement is in the right direction and will be helpful to a limited segment. We, however, need a broader, holistic view on the strategy around developing electric mobility for demand creation is needed.”

JEETENDER SHARMA, Managing Director and founder of Okinawa Motors, “ The introduction of the battery swapping policy to improve the country’s EV infrastructure is a positive step that could potentially address the range anxiety issues, which is one of the impediments to a mass-market transition from internal combustion engine-based vehicles to electric vehicles.”

NAVEEN MUNJAL, Chief Executive Officer of Hero Electric, “ This move will open up avenues for further growth and development of the EV and energy sector in the country. Hero Electric has always been a strong advocate of the standardisation of EV battery packs to accelerate EV adoption. Interoperability standards will help address range anxiety issues and battery swapping stations will be an added to the evolving EV ecosystem across the country.”

Source:- The EV TIMES

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