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Switch Mobility Ltd electric double-decker bus

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Switch EiV, India’s first electric double-decker air-conditioned bus are designed, developed, and manufactured in India.

Why Switch EiV?

It is equipped with the latest technology, ultra-modern design, the highest safety, and best-in-class comfort features. The double-decker bus is designed to set a new standard in the intra-city segment.

The features include- a standard floor, an air-conditioned, electric double-decker with a wider door on the rear overhang, and a rear staircase.

It is lightweight aluminum body construction with a higher passenger-to-weight ratio and a competitive cost per km, per passenger.

Mahesh Babu, CEO-Switch Mobility India, COO- Switch Mobility Ltd. –“ We are pleased to unveil the Switch EIV 22, India’s first and unique electric double-decker. We have strived to meet multiple challenges to fulfill new-age customer requirements while retaining the iconic double-decker lineage, the Switch EiV 22 is designed and developed to meet Indian conditions, while at the same time providing superior customer comfort and delight.”

It provides a range of up to 250 KMS in a day with opportunity charging. The charging time is 1.5 to 3 hours. The battery technology is up to Advanced Lithium-ion NMC chemistry with Modular battery options.

The double-decker bus also includes wide front and rear doors, two staircases, and an emergency door with the latest safety standards. The interiors also provide car-like comfort for passenger convenience.

According to Shre, Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, said, “There is a need to transform the country’s transport system from a long-term perspective. With a focus on reforming urban transport, we are trying to build a low-footprint and high-passenger-density integrated EV mobility ecosystem. Government’s vision and policies are supportive towards EV adoption with growing consumer demand for greener solutions. I would like to congratulate Switch Mobility, subsidiary of Ashok Leyland, for being the one to revive the double decker and remain committed to introducing new technologies for the benefit of passengers and society at large”

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