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Which are the best-selling electric vehicle in Switzerland?

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Switzerland, the country is remarkably known for its rich Alp mountains, Fondue or Heidi- still the best-selling short stories in the children’s categories. The famous Lindt Chocolate, the luxurious Swiss watch, or the celebration of the Christmas Market. The country is uniquely known for its swiss cow (other than India) and cowbells.

Switzerland is one of the most stable economically developed countries to its EU counterparts despite being landlocked. So how about the vehicles? Are they fascinated with the latest trend of e-vehicles?

A survey by Auto-Schweiz shows the comparison of e-vehicles sold in Switzerland. The best e-vehicle brands in Switzerland are:-

  1. Tesla Model 3
  2. Renault Zoe
  3. BMW i3
  4. Hyundai Kona
  5. Audi E-Tron
  6. VW e-Golf
  7. Nissan Leaf
  8. Tesla Model X
  9. Tesla Model S
  10. Jaguar I-Pace

The comparison of the electric vehicle sold in 2018 and 2019:-

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Even though the rise has been significantly remarkable in Switzerland concerning electric vehicles. But what about the counter-arguments circulating among the Swiss people? Do they agree? Consider it as a threat in the future in place of its original logo as an environmentally friendly vehicle.

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The demand for EVs among the swiss cannot be underestimated, even after so many counter-arguments. The survey conducted in 2019 shows, more than 32% agree to purchase an EV after 3years whereas more than 29% agree to purchase an EV within 3 years. However, the 2018 survey report shows in the next 5 to 10 years, around 41% of the Swiss people are sure to purchase an EV.

In my opinion, the market is open to investing in a new type of vehicle even with counter-arguments or the high price. As the traditional auto manufacturers are making a complete switch from conventional vehicles. It will put pressure on the customers to go with current trends.

The survey shows that Switzerland is completely dominated by the Tesla Models. The German Key players were able to make their spot in the top 10 list but failed to secure the top position.

As per the reports by Touring Club Switzerland, the number of electric vehicles sold in the Swiss market surpassed realistic expectations.

The top 10 best-selling EVs in 2021 are:-

Best Selling EVs in Switzerland

Tesla is conquering the market in an iconic style in Switzerland. Once it makes a stronghold in the Switzerland market. It is going to be a tough challenge for other traditional players to make a strong place among Swiss customers.

The Swiss government is also in synch with the new environmental law proposed to control greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 as compared to previous levels. The Government is imposing stricter CO2 emissions limits for vehicles. The restriction also includes penalties once the limits are crossed.

The new law is supporting more climate-friendly vehicles. The government is also funding in a huge way to install more charging points. The fund is almost $230 million. As per the European Alternative Fuels Observatory, more than 8,500 public recharging points were installed in Switzerland.

The concerns regarding charging at public places are taken into consideration but how about private or home charging for car owners or in urban areas. It is still an ongoing hassle for the Swiss people to avail the home base charging points.

Source:- Statista

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