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How Tesla Model 3 got converted into an efficient “Hyper Hybrid”?

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As per an article published by “Edison”, Tesla model 3, the mid-range car, working purely battery-powered is now a fully electric combustion car.

Frank Obrist, an Austrian Engineer, and his company Obrist Powertrain designed the hyper hybrid machine where they placed a compact and efficient gasoline engine in a front truck that can be named as frunk.

The battery is less expensive and the small size is used on the vehicle floor.

It covers a distance of 96 Kilometers on pure electricity instead of 400 Km but with an addition of a range extender, a total of 1000 Kilometers or more can be covered. As the report suggests, a generator that consists of the small two-cylinder gasoline engine for the required battery runs always in an optimum speed range with a perfect fuel-air ratio.

An efficiency of 40 percent in the engine requires no exhaust gas after treatment. The Tesla Model 3 car is running on an average of two liters of gasoline per 100 Kilometers.

The gasoline generator was designed by Obrist and the concept of “HyperHybrid” is by himself. The capacity of the energy storage in the Obrist Mark II is 17.3 kWh whereas the capacity of the original battery of the Tesla Model 3 is 50 KWh, and weighs more than 380 kilograms.

The combustion engine is designed with 40 KW i.e. 54hp of combustion engine and there is no major problem with a jump when the battery is empty. When Tesla is driving at a speed of over 65 Km/h, recharging takes place smoothly.

The expected launch year for the series to be in production is by 2023 with Friedrichshafen-based supplier ZF.

Source:- Tesla

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