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Who are the top players in electric vehicle market in Germany?

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The hub of the Automotive industry is not spared from the competition and to hold a niche position in their domain it needs to sustain in the market along with maintaining the consumer demand. Some key dominant players from the industry are holding the titles for a decade but will they survive the competitive scenario of the electric vehicle market.

The below figures show the top 5 contenders in the German electric vehicle market and following that, the top 5 electric vehicle models in 2019.

Top 5 registrations in the electric vehicle from different manufacturers
Source:- KBA
Top 5 new registrations in the electric vehicles from different models.
Source:- KBA

In my opinion, an EV is somehow changing the circumstances of the leading automobile manufactures. It clearly indicates that as fast as they can adapt to the change and bring more range of new models in electric vehicle segments, chances of sustaining in the market is also going to be high.

Tesla being a strong competitor and with expanding strategy with new schemes of providing benefits with charging facility is no doubt a well-thought-out plan to gain customer loyalty as utmost as possible.

Source:- Statista

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