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Do you know the variety in the shared mobility market in Poland?

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As per a survey by Stowarzyszenie Mobilne Miasto; Smartride.pl; in 2019, Bike-sharing got its place the highest. As compared to car, bikes, or scooter sharing. Mobility sharing is in demand in Poland.

Somehow the approach can be seen due to eco-friendly. And students may be prone to be using more of the bike-sharing mobility for a clear pollution-free environment.

And for better transportation. The data itself reveals that the shared mobility market in Poland is a million zloty revenue generating market.

Where bike-sharing was the highest revenue generated mobility services. And definitely for any new mobility manufacturer in Poland. It’s worth venturing into.

The graphical representation about mobility sharing in Poland,

Mobility sharing scenario in Poland (2019)
Revenues generated by the shared mobility (2019)

In the next survey poll, which gender is responsible for the use of shared mobility in Poland. Is it Men or Women. The survey shows that men ratios are higher in Scooters, Carsharing. Or Carriage of persons as compared to women.

Shared mobility users in Poland (2019)
Which mobility fleets is in demand in Poland?

In 2018, the cities scored high in shared mobility vehicle services in descending order are:- Warszawa, Pozna, Krakow, odz, Wrocaw, Upper Silesia and Tricity (Gdask, Sopot and Gdynia).

In my opinion, mobility fleet is a good opportunity for any electric drive type to enter. And capture the marker specifically in terms of Scooters. And bike sharing services.

Source:- Rzeczpospolita; Selectivv, DataArt; Autonaminuty.

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