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How TIC and Autosar enables intelligent charging of e-vehicles?

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TIC is known as Telemotive Intelligent Charging which is integrated into Autosar at an ECU (The Electronic Control Unit) level enabling an error-free communication precisely.

A quite affordable way is charging an electric vehicle at home where the driver can connect the vehicle to the charging station during evening hours and is fully charged by the next morning. The trend was to charge it at home but various stations and workplaces are provided with various charging options.

But as we can see that the world is changing fast where electric vehicle charging can be easier just like smartphone charging, the process has made a huge wave over the years.

The charging of an electric vehicle can be improved with an offer from Telemotive Intelligent Charging where it used Power Line Communication like PLC to connects vehicles as a transceiver kind for Internet-based services to enable authentication, payment, and other services.

The data are transmitted by using a charging cable with TIC where communication is established between the vehicle and the charging station. The approach created new possibilities for the driver such as specific charging plans that can be implemented quickly, conveniently, safely, and intelligently.

As we can see the TIC software stack follows the implementation standard of ISO 15118 and DIN 70121 where the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association guidelines are followed.

In Autosar such as Mentor Capital Vstar, Autosar is completely integrated with the entire package that provides OEMs and third-party suppliers with the necessary software infrastructure for Electronic control units (ECU) development where a new era of intelligent charging for the electric vehicle has begun.

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