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Which are the top 10 electric vehicles across the globe?

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As per the UNRAE data, the overall sales in Italy reached above 111,000 units. The traditional plugless hybrids captured the market share with 33.1%. As compared to 29.3% in 2021. BEV shared the market registrations with 3,617, only 3.3%. PHEV registered the market registration with 5,133 units, a 4.6% market share.\

As per the data from Mobility Sweden, the plugin electric vehicle market share is 46.1% in August. 5,813 BEV registration with a 28.3% market share. 3,649 PHEV registration with a 17.8% market share. 2,557 hybrids registration with 12.5% market share and other fuels vehicle registered 601 with 2.9% market share.

Let’s check the market for the USA,

In conclusion, the final story of the three markets in the different periods.

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