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Who are the top 5 electric vehicles manufacturers across the world?

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Is it possible to say that electric vehicles created disruptions in the automobile industry market or as a visionary symbol with doors engrossed in new opportunities? Ironically the concept was not from the well-established players around the world but from a new manufacturer who even being challenged survived the race of eviction and expanded its horizon.

It is a tough position as the electric vehicle in new design and models opened a completely new doorway but also an eviction door for the manufacturers if the race is not maintained in the long-term prospects.

As per a survey by EV-volumes.com,




Dongfeng and

SAIC is the top 5 manufacturers of electric vehicles around the world. The result was based on the comparison of the sales of electric vehicles as compared to the last year and recorded for 2018.

Source:- EV-volumes.com,

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