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Which electric car model is leading the path?

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The journey of an electric vehicle is a complete change in the automobile sector. Consumer demand and the choice of travel mode created an invisible hand to change the dynamics of the automobile sector.

The electric car market got divided into three different sectors with different modes of charge and making the impossible as possible to drive a car that is completely running on batteries just like your smartphone.

In 2018, as per a survey conducted by ZSW, the registrations indicate that Tesla is holding the market strongly with two different models. Some leading Asian companies are competing with different product range.

Comparison of new registration for different electric car models in the automobile sector
Source:- ZSW

However, on a global market scale, Norway is with most registration for an electric car, as per the survey report of IEA. The Scandinavian countries are showing more interest to register new electric vehicles.

Country share for new registration of electric vehicle in Automobile sector

In my opinion, the share indicates the scenario of the market trend for new electric vehicles being spread out across the world but how far is it going to achieve 100% replacement for the vehicles running on depleting sources of fuel is still questionable, and will it be successful in countries where any pandemic creates disastrous result in sustaining the livelihood and maintain economic growth.

Source:- Statista

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