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Toyota Prius 5th generation

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Toyota unveiled its 5th generation Hybrid model Prius. It is going to be launched in the Summer of 2023 exclusively as a plug-in hybrid model.

The latest plug-in hybrid system on the market in Germany has greater power and a bigger battery for a longer range of electricity. Toyota has furthered the aerodynamic design, for which the vehicle has long been recognized, with a coupe-like profile; the Japanese also refer to a “sporty note.” The second Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), which enhances stiffness while reducing weight, serves as the foundation for the new version. The engineers claim that an energetic and direct driving experience is enhanced by the battery and fuel tank’s optimal arrangement, which reduces the center of gravity.

According to Toyota, high-quality processed interior, the lower seating position should convey a sportier feeling.

According to the manufacturer, the plug-in system of the new Prius provides an all-around improved driving experience with more power and higher efficiency. It comprises a 111 kW/148 hp 2.0-liter petrol engine and a 120 kW/160 hp transaxle electric motor on the front axle. This results in a system output of 164 kW/223 hp. The current plug-in generation comes to 90 kW/122 hp.

To be able to cover the majority of everyday journeys locally emission-free, the purely electric range has been increased by more than 50 percent, according to Toyota. This is made possible by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 13.6 kWh.

The battery pack has been placed under the back seat, which Toyota says contributes to the low center of gravity. The battery pack can not only be charged externally via cable but also via an optional solar roof.

In addition to the more elegant and modern lines, a 50-millimeter reduction in height compared to its predecessor and wheels up to 19 inches contribute to the sportier overall impression of the new, wider wedge-shaped Prius. While the vehicle length (4.60 m) has been reduced by 46 millimeters, the wheelbase has increased by 50 millimeters to 2.75 meters. In addition, the Prius is 22 millimeters wider than its predecessor. The front is characterized by a new hammerhead shark design that puts the headlights in the limelight. At the rear, a three-dimensional, linear lighting element emphasizes the progressive design.

“In the predominantly black, spacious interior, selected materials create a stylish and harmonious ambiance,” says Toyota. “The redesigned instrument panel contributes to comfort and safety with its clean and uncluttered layout. The easy-to-read displays and instruments allow easy operation.”

The current model last cost as a plug-in hybrid 38,150 euros.

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