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What do you think about Verge hubless electric motorbike?

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The new electric bike is renovating the designs with hubless and look from the legacy light cycle from Tron. Verge is a Finnish motorcycle startup with a TS electric motorcycle look. It was formerly known as RMK Vehicle Corporation.

The main attraction is its idea of using a hubless rear wheel motor with batteries located in the middle. Hence the weight of the bike is much more balanced than its fuel-driven bikes.

Source: Verge

As you can get the look of the hubless electric motorbike, the motor is hidden in the rim of the rear wheel. An electric motor of 80 kW (107 hp). As the magnets and copper are spread far from the axis of rotation, the motor can pump out a mind-melting 1000 Nm (735 lb-ft) of torque.

The bike is available for 24,990 EUR/ Rs. 20.41 lakh. The top speed is 180 kmph. The claimed acceleration is 0-100 kmph under 4 seconds.

If you talk about the materials used in the bikes, the aluminum frame is linked to an Ohlins inverted front fork and also an Ohlins rear mono-shock. The brakes include dual front petal discs with radial calipers.

The electric bike got a battery capacity of 20.2 kWh with a range of 300 km. If you charge the vehicle with a DC charger via  CCS, in 15 minutes you can cover 100 km of range. In 4.5 hours, you can get the full recharge of the battery.

The vehicle is weighing only 249 kg. The combination of lightweight materials and low center of gravity helps the TS a stable highway cruiser.

Well, you get a bike without any chain, belt, oils, or filter. You can just imagine the cost of maintenance has been reduced to a significant level.

In the city, the bike provides a range of 300 km, and on the highway, 200 km range. The total power output is 102 kW.

In my opinion, it is a market super hit. Absolutely unconventional concept and something every biker would like to get a hand of it. The price is also economical and standard for any biker.

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