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Verkor to solve its traceability issues with V-TRACE

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As per the EV purchase tax credits, battery suppliers and automakers need to document the raw material sources.

Verkor, a French battery innovator is working with Bureau Veritas, a lab testing, inspection, and certification company, and OPTEL to prove the traceability solution to solve the transparency issue in the supply chain.

V-trace, co-developed by OPTEL and Bureau Veritas assesses the independent auditors. Verkor will document the sources of strategic materials such as lithium, nickel, and cobalt and also how to manage, track and inspect the supply chain system.

“This new initiative is perfectly aligned with our mission to power the way forward in the responsible energy transition by producing sustainable batteries,” said Benoit Lemaignan, co-founder and CEO of Verkor.

“Our collaboration with OPTEL and Bureau Veritas puts us ahead of legislation and gives us a complete identity card for our batteries.”

“V-TRACE for EV batteries will provide unprecedented traceability assurance at a time when stakeholders across the EV sector are demanding greater accountability and compliance with ESG targets,” said Louis Roy, founder. and President at OPTEL.

“By helping Verkor develop a more resilient and sustainable supply chain, we are contributing to shaping better supplier ecosystems based on transparency and trust,” said Bureau Veritas Senior VP Renato Catrib. “Alongside our partner, OPTEL, we have developed a global solution that covers our clients’ supply chains from a sustainability and traceability perspective in one unified platform.”

Source:- Charged EVs | Electric Vehicles Magazine

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