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What do we know about ViscoTec?

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Visco Tec or ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH manufactures systems. The technological leader’s headquarter is in Töging a. Inn (Bavaria), Germany. It was founded in 2007. ViscoTec has subsidiaries in the USA, China, Singapore, and India.

ViscoTec offers comprehensive consulting for every application and, if required, extensive tests will be carried out in close cooperation with the customer. The dosing pumps and systems are perfectly adapted to their respective application whether it is the food sector, the automotive industry, the aerospace field, the medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry, and many other branches.

In E-Mobility sector

As the company says,

“the current change in the automotive industry is now shaped by innovative battery technologies, electric engines, sophisticated sensors, full connectivity, artificial intelligence, and their networking with each other. Optimized processes and challenging materials present in the dispensing technology with considerable, but solvable challenges.”

“Specific characteristics of the materials must be preserved, unaffected by the dispensing process. Even with a large number of fillers.

The focus is on fast and uncomplicated processing of the materials, combines with defined cost control. ViscoTec dispensing systems are perfect for processing all low to high viscous, shear sensitive, and abrasive one or two components in a wide variety of applications.

Slurry dispensing

“In electrode production, the high precision application of the active material, the so-called “slurry”, is a key process. This process plays a decisive role in the performance and quality of the resulting batteries: the dispensing of the chemically active substances essentially determines the energy storage capacity and charging capability.”

Heat Management

“The heart of an EV is the high-voltage battery. Heat influences, in particular, can impair the performance and safety of the HV battery and the connected components.”

Reliable heat management is necessary for electronics and energy storage systems for high-level efficiency. Gap fillers or thermal interface materials (TIM) are typically loaded with filler content to ensure heat dissipation between battery modules or cells and housings.

Moisture within the battery system can reduce the performance or cause damage through corrosion. Hence, sealing of the battery in battery management systems for e-mobility for bonding and sealing applications is state of the art.

ViscoTec also offers efficient and precise technology in battery production in the production of electric motors and generators. This is done through resin impregnation in rotors and stators, resin is dispensed into wire windings.

The specific solutions in e-mobility are ceramic rotors to provide longer service life. It is compatible fully with the dispensing and mixing systems of the RD -Dispenser series from Visco Tec.

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