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Why use voice recognition to control your electric car?

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On the surface, the automobile appeared to be the most dependable mode of transportation. And now, with time, the industry is revolutionising with versatility. It is not just about alternative fuels but also embedded with futuristic tech features such as voice recognition, AR dashboards, connected mobile apps, wireless smartphone connectivity, charging, etc. that are now available in the market.

Companies like Tesla are not just about electric fuel but also focusing on improving their brand and model with more advanced tech features such as voice recognition systems.

So, what exactly is a voice recognition system used in electric cars?

What is a voice recognition system?

Voice recognition is defined as “the innovation by which sounds, words, or expressions spoke by people are changed over into electrical signs, and these signs are changed into coding examples to which importance has been assigned.”

The significance of the feature is that it allows the recreation of the controlling method while the users’ hands remain free.

The voice recognition idea came into being in the 1940s. The project was first discussed in 1952 at Bell Labs.

The innovative methods are conducted through specific steps. The computer captures the words of a human with a microphone assistant. The words are recognised by the speech recognizer. And then the recognised words are converted into analog signals to be converted into digital forms in the framework.

How is it done?

The controller and databases are installed in the car. It comprises vocabulary to make out the essential words required to charge the ignition system. The signal provided by the user is measured by the controller with databases installed in the car. The motor will start after resetting the signal.

As we can see, the process of replacing traditional signal engineering with ones and zeros of digital technology

Why is voice recognition so popular?

One of the risks that every car user faces is distraction due to a mobile phone or any urgent message.

As per the report published by the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), 30% of vehicle collisions across Europe are due to driver distraction. This number has been reduced by the effective use of a voice control system. It shows the need for improving voice-activated systems such as conversational AI to reduce distraction for drivers.

At present, only a set of key commands are understood by the voice control system. However, with the aid of conversation AI technologies, a more sophisticated voice recognition system can conduct a complete individualized discussion or engage in organic engagement.

As per fortunebusinessinsights, the voice recognition system market will be worth $11.21 billion in 2022 and is expected to rise to $40.79 billion by 2029. The major players in the voice recognition market are Amazon.com, Inc, IBM Corporation, Google, Microsoft Corporation, Apple Inc., Alphabet, Inc., Baidu, iFlytek Co. Ltd., Sestek, LumenVox, Sensory Inc, and others.

The advantages lie in the hands-free command. The user doesn’t get distracted by using the mechanical knobs or switches for any interactive commands.

Source: Controlling An Electric Car Starter System Through Voice

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