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Volvo’s articulated hauler with hydrogen fuel

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So, what is an articulated hauler?

“Articulated haulers are very large, heavy-duty dump trucks used to carry bulky loads over rough terrain and occasionally on public roads. They feature a swivel joint, so they are able to move – or articulate – to keep the cab stable.” electrek

Volvo’s articulated hauler, HX04, is a research project. It started in 2018.

The technical functionality,

It is charged with 12kg of hydrogen in 7.5 minutes. Hence it can operate for approximately 4 hours without any interruption.

Volvo explains,

In principle, a fuel cell works much like a battery except that it generates its own electricity from the hydrogen onboard as needed rather than being charged from an external source. Vehicles with fuel cell electric powertrains have an uptime, range, and fueling time similar to that of combustion engine powered vehicles.”

The fuel cell is the combination of hydrogen with oxygen and the resulting chemical reaction produces the power required for the machine.

Shell installed a hydrogen refueling station at the Volvo CE test track in Braås, Sweden, and the fuel-cell test lab is located at the Technology Center in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Carolina Diez Ferrer, head of advanced engineering programs at Volvo Construction Equipment, said:

“Being inventors of the world’s first articulated hauler more than 55 years ago, we are happy and proud to again drive change with this fuel cell hauler concept.

While an early prototype, this innovation will give valuable insights into the opportunities of hydrogen in the energy transformation alongside battery-electric solutions. We believe that by exploring multiple technologies and working in partnership, we can create the best path forward to decarbonize the construction industry.”

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