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WattifEV: Redefining Electric Vehicles

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In 2020, Wattif EV a Finnish electric vehicle start-up was founded with the mission of providing sustainable and affordable electric mobility solutions. The company is working on developing electric cars and scooters with the goal to offer products that are both environmentally friendly and accessible to everyone.

Wattif EV’s first product is an electric scooter called “Wattif S”, designed for urban commuting. The company is planning to launch an electric car in the future. Wattif EV vehicles are expected to have a range of up to 150 kilometers on a single charge at a competitive price.

Wattif EV is based in Helsinki, Finland, and received funding from both private investors and the Finnish government. The company partnered with various organizations to develop and test its products, including the Finnish electric utility company Fortum and the University of Helsinki.

According to industry reports, the Norwegian company launches EV charging infrastructure By 2030, Wattif EV intends to take the lead in the UK network of destination chargers.

The firm hopes to play a leadership role in the UK network by delivering destination charge stations where people park, rather than requiring EV drivers to park where they can charge. The company just erected its first UK charging points in the UK and acquired a €50 million investment.

By making access to charging facilities simple, Wattif EV hopes to hasten the electrification of the UK parking network.

A wider geographic range of “fast” charge points, which are less expensive to install and use than the conventional and more expensive rapid charging options, are being rolled out at the same time as Wattif EV offers the landlord or owner of the parking lots a selection of financing models that allow them to receive a share of net revenue.

The owners of the charging network and the car owners who use it, according to Wattif EV, both win in this particular instance.

According to Robert Svendsen, Wattif EV CEO, “To hit the UK’s 2030 EV targets there needs to be strong support from business, local authorities and Government to establish a coordinated strategy delivering EV cars, EV infrastructure, and EV battery supply,”

“Actions speak louder than words and I believe business must lead this charge given all the pressures on the UK Government right now: our strong end to 2022 and start to 2023 shows that Wattif EV is ideally placed to be a critical path to that ambition. Our Norwegian-based expertise and focus on what’s best for the owner of EVs and EV chargers to fit charging into their daily lives are key. Charging en-route at service stations is not viable long-term – charging without thinking, planning, or worrying, at home and destination, is key to driving the growth of EV sales.”

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