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In what ways hazard can be eliminated from electric drives?

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As we can see, electric motors are in huge demand. Some options the electric drives can follow,

  • Safety doors being used as per DIN EN 14199 standard in a way that the door cannot be opened if any error or major threat has been detected in the system where it must be locked with the proper requirement. An emergency stop can be considered as one of the examples where a machine can no longer move when a danger area has been reached by a person.
  • In the immediate vicinity, drives which are for setup or maintenance work can be moved partially, to ensure such safe engineering solution, machine parts should not be exceeded at a certain speed.
  • The safety function to monitor the drive speed can be described by using an efficient solution. But it cannot be guaranteed that the electric drive can be simply switched off where the moving parts of the machine, come to a standstill. Mostly, encoders or initiators are used to monitor the speed.
  • To monitor both speed and standstill, sensor-based solutions can be used.

Source:- Alternative Antriebe für Automobile by Cornel Stan.

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