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What is Formula E?

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We all know about Formula1, the high drive competitive sport but how far is it able to contribute to the environment. Thereby, a new racing sport Formula-E where the adrenaline is purely driven by electric mobility cars.

In the racing series, Formula E is known as the world’s first electric car where sustainability, efficiency, and progress in technology have been represented to serve the environment as well as the automotive industry. The drive has thereby proved the development of electric cars and combating the change in the climate, bringing electric mobility closer to the young as well as the old audience.

The team involved in Formula E are: –

  • Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler FE team
  • MS+AD Andretti Formula E
  • DS Virgin Racing
  • Dragon
  • Panasonic Jaguar racing
  • Mahindra Racing
  • Nio Formula E team
  • Renault E.DAMS
  • Techeetah
  • Venturi Formula E

In my opinion, it has been the best way to show their respect and understanding about the environmental issues and finding solutions to curb out the challenges, and provide a new way of entertainment keeping the audience enthralled with new technologies.

However, the sound is something that has been replaced with an external source that has been missing to provide the same excitement as Formula1.

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